Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC Depth of experience and knowledge enables Us to provide a comprehensive whole life range of facility & Estate Management Consultancy Services.

Design Reviews

Design reviews to improve the operability and maintainability of developments with the goal of:

  • Improving the user experience

  • Enhancing service delivery
  • Protecting the asset
  • Aligning with sustainability objectives, and
  • Reducing future operation and maintenance costs

Through practical design reviews at all stages with the design cycle, liaising with the Client and the design teams to achieve optimum service quality and cost for the operational life of the project.

Reviews are based on operational experience and technical ability. Implementation of recommendations can greatly enhance the quality of long term service delivery achieving significant Opex and Capex savings.


Operational Strategies

Understanding the Clients FM requirements is the first step in determining the most appropriate operational strategy.  Defining and identifying the stakeholders and their expectations and objectives is essential. Only after this is understood can you develop the FM delivery framework to align with these requirements.  A key tool used in our assessment method is the SWOT (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats) analysis, to identify and address issues, and mitigate risks. This will lead to clearly identified service level expectations and requirements that meet the objectives of the project, and the expectations of the end users. The implementation of operational strategies bridges the gap between design and end user satisfaction.  

Strategic areas such as cleaning, waste management, MEP maintenance, sustainability, health & safety, and security are reviewed and developed into an integrated strategy. Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC has significant experience and expertise delivering Operational Strategies for City Wide developments and complex multi-use plot developments.


Financial Modeling

The development of accurate and detailed financial models is crucial to the feasibility, long term viability and success of any project. Our whole life consultancy approach fits ideally with this service.

Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC is a market leader in the creation, develop and provision of tailored financial models including:

  • Project & development feasibility modelling
  • Community Fee & Apportionment Cost Models
  • Service Charge & Apportionment Cost Models
  • Lifecycle, asset replacement and Reserve/Sinking Fund modelling
  • FM resource staffing

Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC bespoke models are developed in-house to individual Clients requirements on a project by project basis. 

They contain scenario options to allow informed strategic decisions to be modelled and tested, from the earliest stages, when the opportunities for value enhancement are greatest, and throughout the development process. The result of models that Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC creates typically changes Client thinking and strategy and consequently dramatically reduces the Clients exposure to costs. 

Most of Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC Models result in major reductions in the developer exposure to operating costs. One recent model for a Client in Abu Dhabi reduced the Clients exposure to operating costs by over US$ 100 million over and eight year period.


Service Specifications

The key to effective service delivery is identified and formalized service requirements. In working in conjunction with the Client team, to identify service level expectations and requirements and from these develop service specifications, detailing the service requirements. The requirements are service specific, and typically include management services, ‘Hard’ FM services (e.g. maintenance), and ‘Soft’ FM services (e.g. cleaning, security, waste management, health & safety). 

Operational specifications will include;

  • A detailed description ofthe required services and stakeholder expectation levels
  • Service implementation requirements
  • Management and reporting

Service Performance Requirements

Coupled with the service specifications, a key component of any service requirement are the service performance requirements. These are developed as:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – the level of service required and
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – how the level of service is measured

Together with the service performance requirements of SLAs and KPIs, a service performance mechanism id developed. The service performance mechanism allows the Client to link service performance to contractual payments, both as deductions and incentives for service delivery above or below the requirements.


FM Procurement - Strategy & Process

The goal is to ensure the Client receives the best value services from the most appropriate provider, to meet your needs.

Dependent on the operational stage, Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC can provide a complete FM procurement service, comprising:

  •  Market analysis – appropriate service providers

  • Pre-qualification – documentation, process management and evaluation

  • Tender process

- Documentation suite – Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation to Tender (ITT), specifications, Form of Contract, pricing proformas

- Tender process management

- Bidder site visits

- Q&A process

- Bidder presentation management

- Tender evaluation and recommendation – including formalised evaluation criteria and scoring mechanisms

- Bidder negotiation


Transition Modeling & Implementation

The importance of successful transition and operational readiness cannot be over stated. Efficient mobilisation of service providers is crucial for effective delivery from Day One.

Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC has managed and delivered multiple activities and programming requirements to ensure the successful mobilisation of FM resources and processes in preparation for seamless service delivery. 

By calling on a wide depth and breadth of experience to act as the Client’s representatives providing the link between the construction and operational phases. 


Service Procedures

Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC has managed and delivered a wide range of service documentation including:

  • Maintenance procedures
  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) templates
  • Condition survey documentation

Strata Consultancy

Through working with RERA and Strata consultants, Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC has developed a complete and comprehensive property and facility management related understanding of the following (this would be in support of a Legal or Survey Consultant for certain aspects): 

Governance & Management

       Governance strategy reviews

       Community management structures, roles & functions

       Phasing plans

Legal & Disclosure Document Reviews

       Community rules, Codes, Declarations and Management Statements

       Sale and Purchase Agreement reviews from an operational commitment perspective

Sub-Division & Titling

       Titling & sub-division strategies reviews

       Common Area and Common Elements identification

Owners Associations

       Transition strategies towards self-management